in the valley...

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In the valley, Oh God, you’re near 
In the quiet, Oh God, you’re near 
In the shadow, Oh God, you’re near 
At my breaking, Oh God, you’re near

Oh God, you never leave my side 
Your love will stand firm for all my life 

In my searching, Oh God, you’re near 
In my wandering, Oh God, you’re near 
When I feel alone, Oh God, you’re near 
At my lowest, Oh God, you’re near 

Height nor depth nor anything else 
Could pull us apart 
We are joined as one by your blood 
Hope will rise as we become more 
Than conquerors through 
The one who loved the world

-Oh God-Citizens

DIY beeswax mason jar candle

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Not only does beeswax smell fantastic it also has so many great properties that will inspire you to try burning it in your home. Beeswax candles burn brighter, longer and cleaner than other candle. Beeswax is 100% natural and emits negative ions that clean your air as you burn your candle. Not only can you make wonderful candles from beeswax you can make lotions, lip balms, soaps, and the list goes on and on! It can even be used to seal your non stick frying pans or you can even use it to polish your man's shoes! 

Drew and I picked up these little mason jars at a garage sale for 25 cents and decided to make them into some quick and easy candles. 

What you will need: 

Beeswax, wick, a pencil (or anything to help hold the wick in place), a jar of your choice, an old pot and something to pour with. 

 To make: tie your wick around the top of your pencil and place it centered on top of the jar and pour in your wax. Tip: Pour relatively slow to prevent bubbles and cracks in your candle. Also: to ensure a great burning candle, your beeswax must burn for a couple hours when burning it for the first time.. enjoy!

PS: are you all just as excited for fall as we are?! I cannot wait to slip on my cozy slippers, drink pumpkin spice lattes and wear big oversized sweaters with chunky scarves. 


long talks and quick links

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Something Inspiring: this week i was really inspired and challenged by a friend who is a really thoughtful gift giver. I realized that i really admired that in her and want to grow in my generosity as i have felt so special by the gifts she has given me and would like the bless others as i have been blessed by her. 

Something Surprising: Today i was hitting up all my favourite thrift stores and paying special attention to the new born section as i am on the hunt for some cute onzies. My sister in law is due soon with her first baby soon! So as i was looking there i saw a jean vest hiding at the very end of the rack and i took a look at it and much to my surprise it was just my size and i fell totally in love. like love love love it. it was priced at 2.50 and 50% off so i was pretty excited to take home a jackpot $1.25 find. I feel like some thrift stores are getting a little pricey and love when i find a true steal of a deal.

Something I Did: My hubby and I got some tattoos together for our anniversary! It was so fun to go together and its been something that we have wanted to do for a while. This was my husbands first tattoo so it took him a little while to decided if he wanted to get one or not (i am a total tattoo lover) so i was pretty stoked to be able to get one together and especially a tattoo that is so meaningful to the both of us.

Something I'm Listening to: Dan has been listening to Dustin Kensrues (who is the lead singer of his all time favourite band: Thrice) new song, It's Not Enough in anticipation for his CD to come out. So its been on a lot in the house lately, and i really like this song and although i am not a die hard Thrice fan I am actually excited to hear Kensrues solo album (which happens to come out on our second anniversary!)

The book my book club and I are reading for the month of September The Kitchen House   

in season of suffering 1 Peter 5:10




Something Inspiring:  I'm inspired by all these people who plan out their meals and prepare for the whole week. I definitely want to try to plan out my meals and have them prepared for my long school weeks. It's something really easy to say but not as easily done! I've also been spending excessively long periods of time on pinterest and I'm feeling inspired to do some major crafting this week.

Something Surprising:  I'm surprised how incredibly fast the weeks have been going by, and how the summer weather has decided to creep its way back... I'm definitely not a fan of this heat 

Something I Did:  Drew and I made beeswax candles in mason jars this week and I LOVE it. I definitely want to try making more things out of beeswax. I also had my first official week of doing homework and so far I am right on track with all of my readings... for now anyways!

Something I'm Listening to: I can't stop listening to John Mayer's new album Paradise Valley.

cauliflower goodness

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I will never buy or make pizza dough again! We were adventurous and decided to try out cauliflower pizza dough. It was a hit.  

My husband is a very big meat-atarian, i am so not. So we decided to do individual sized pizzas so we could each do our own toppings. Dan opted for 3 different kinds of meats, cheese, baked garlic and traditional pizza sauce with some extra basil. I tried to replicate my favourite pizza from our favourite pizza place down in Washington, The North Fork's 'white pizza'. I had a garlic olive oil base with chicken, sunflower seeds, baked garlic and mozzarella.  


2 cups cooked, riced cauliflower
handfull of shredded mozzarella cheese
2 eggs, beaten
pinch of basil
pinch of garlic salt ( I use Jonny's Garlic Seasoning)
pizza sauce, shredded cheese and your choice of toppings

To 'rice' the cauliflower you have to remove the stem and leaves and cut it into small pieces, the smaller the better. Next we threw it all into the magic bullet (another option would be to grate it with a cheese grater). Make sure not to over mix it. Then you will want to place the cauliflower into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 8 minutes (no need to add water). A large head of cauliflower will make approximately 3 cups of riced cauliflower. Any extra's can be refrigerated for up to a week after. 

Pre-Heat the oven to 450 degrees, then spray a cookies sheet with non-stick cooking spray (i just used some extra olive oil).
In a medium bowl mix 2 cups of the cauliflower rice, 2 eggs, garlic salt, oregano or basil (whatever you want really) . Transfer to the cookie sheet, and using your hands, pat out into a 9" round pizza crust. Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. 

Once the crust is baked you can remove it from the oven and add your desired toppings, then broil until cheese is melted!

long talks and quick links

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Something Inspiring: When i am at home alone and i am cleaning, crafting or baking i usually put on a sermon. its kind of like my sabbath. I'm doing what i love and in those moments i feel like i am being whispered to. In those moments i grow and learn so much. This week i had the day off and was home doing a little craft as well as some cleaning and was listening to one of my favourite speakers. He was talking in Genesis 3 and defined the gospel as 'the good news'. He went on to say that in order for news to be GOOD it has to invade BAD spaces (places where there are some anxiety, fear, anger, bitterness, hard/bad things going on) and in order to fully understand the good news (the gospel!) we have to first understand that there is bad news. This makes sense to me because i know that life is hard, and can take heart in the fact that there is GOOD news in the midst of tough seasons....and in the bad news the good news looks even more glorious. By GRACE we have been SAVED. 

Something Surprising: this last weekend Dan and I went to Princeton, BC and hung out at an amazingly beautiful camp called Rockridge Canyon and since we were there on the last morning that all the youth would be staying, the camp said that they would wake everyone up with a loud horn going off 3 times the next morning so everyone can wake up early and pack their bags. Boy, they were not kidding. It was the loudest horn i have ever heard. So much so that when it went off in the morning it freaked Dan out so much he thought he chipped a tooth from waking up to that. It ended up being pretty funny since there was no broken tooth. So long story short.....that a pretty surprising wake up call.

Something I Did: I hosted my first book club meeting! It was so fun and i am so excited to be in a book club. We are going to meet once a month, eat some good food, exchange some good gifts and read some good books together. I couldn't be more excited.

Something I'm Listening to: recently our favourite fm transmitter for our car broke so on our little road trip we had to go old school and pull out some CD's, crazy I know. When we got married (almost 2 years ago?!!?) our wedding favours were burnt CD's with some of our favourite songs, including one that my hubby wrote for me (melts my heart). The whole way to Princeton and the whole way home we listened to that CD. It was fun to listen to some old favourites.



Something Inspiring: I recently started working my way through Oswald Chamber's devotional called My Utmost for His Highest and I am constantly being inspired by Oswald's words and they way he challenges you through the devotions. If you don't know anything about Oswald Chambers I highly recommend looking up his story it's incredibly inspiring. My devotion today was all about giving everything to God in everything we do: Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own 1 Corinthians 6:19. I think often we forget this and I've been reminded this week that no matter what I do whether it's school, work, relationships we should always be glorify Him through it all. 

Something Surprising: I'm always surprised how fast time flies, summer is over already and it's already fall... before we know it it will be Christmas, but I am definitely so excited for the new seasons to come. 

Something I Did: Well, this was my first week back at school. I have spent the week driving around, purchasing books, taking notes and finding classrooms. I wish I could say I feel accomplished thus far being in my third year and all, but it often is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just cannot wait to have my degree-that will be the best feeling ever! I have officially declared my major in history which is exciting.

Something I'm Listening to: I'm constantly listening to Elevation Church's podcast while I get ready in the morning. 

Definitely check out these girl's company called Anewall they have a website, etsy shop and also a blog. They are a wall decor printing business and have amazing pieces! I will definitely be purchasing one! Plus they are local White Rock girls.



Summer has come to an end...

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It was an amazing last week of summer. We spent a few days exploring Victoria and I got to see my cousin marry the love of his life! Not to mention we also ate some amazing food! 

My new cousin is a chef at Restaurant 62 and they catered the wedding and the food was amazing. I definitely want to visit their restaurant for a date night!

The wedding venue at my cousin's wedding was absolutely stunning and so magical, and on the left is a unique little breakfast spot we went to in Victoria.  

-B xoxo

my week in pictures

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snap shots of my week.

This week was a busy one but there were moments of it that i don't want to forget as the summer ends. We made a little road trip into Princeton, BC. The drive was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. I spent a lot of time with my sister and had her over for her first morning of school (grade 9!). I think that we will make 'first day of school sleepover' a new tradition. I added to my craft fabric collection and did a couple of little projects with it around the house. Hope the rest of your week is lovely! 

-J xoxo

long talks and quick links

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Something Inspiring: My hubby and I attended a couple of weddings within this last week and we couldn't help but reminisce about our own wedding day that was nearly two years ago already. To see couples so in love and overjoyed with the fresh-ness of their new marriage on their wedding day really brought us back to the day we first said 'I do'. 

Something Surprising: I was so not a school person, and didn't really enjoy it all that much. But after i took my little sister school supply shopping this week i remembered how fun it was to get ready for school and even found myself missing that. 

Something I Did: I did a little bit of fall shopping, i stocked up on some key pieces and found some wicked deals!

Something I'm Listening to: I have been listening to The Church is the Dearest Place on Earth sermon series by the Village Church, Matt Chandler is one of my favourite speakers. I really enjoyed this series and found it challenging on so many levels.

I love this necklace and love the fact that I can purchase this with a purpose and know that the money spent will make an impact somewhere in the world.



Something Inspiring: My mom is a huge reader and I always see how excited she gets over after a good read. I love to read but it goes in phases where sometimes I don't read for months especially during school, but I am feeling inspired. I definitely want to get back into reading and try to read while I'm in school as hard as that might be.. any book suggestions?

Something Surprising: I'm surprised how fast the summer went by. As I gear up for fall I am excited to see how God will challenge me in the new seasons to come. What's not surprising is my excitement for fall if you haven't figured that out already. 

Something I Did:  We attended the wedding of our great friends this weekend and it was a great time. Jade and I also helped set up all the center pieces for the tables at the reception. I had an extra few days off that I spent doing errands and I made zucchini chips which were delicious!

Something I'm listening to: Ben Rector's album The Walking in Between 

paint 'em yourself

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This is a cheap and easy way to get the look of the gel nail polish. You simply need clean, dry nails to start off with. Then i did one coat of the Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel, make sure to let it dry completely before continuing with your colour and then top coat! 

something to look forward to

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Fall is our favourite season. We love it. We love the weather, the crisp cool air, the pumpkin spice lattes, and especially the fashion. We feel like fall is our season and are impatiently waiting for its arrival. We can't wait to start pulling out our fall clothes and to start bundling up!!

A huge thank you to Inmist Media House for taking these photos.

Easy Baked Zucchini Chips

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You Will Need: 

Zucchini (thinly sliced)

Olive Oil  

Salt (I replaced the salt for Mrs. Dash seasoning which is a much healthier option) 

Slice the Zucchini and place layers between paper towel to dry them off. Place onto a cookie sheet, brush with olive oil and season. Bake at 225* for two hours. 


Long talks and Quick Links

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Something Inspiring- I'm inspired by this verse this week: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7   Often, we want so badly to plan out our lives on our own without presenting anything to God first. This week, I'm reminded that only God knows what the next steps in our lives are and we need to trust him and let him guide us. 

Something Surprising- I go back to school in two weeks and surprisingly enough I am actually excited to get back into a routine. I am really motivated to do well this semester and I can't believe I will be in my third year of university! 

Something I Did-  I spent the weekend in Whistler watching the crankworx biking competition which was really fun. I also spent Sunday afternoon/evening with my boyfriend in Whiterock. 

Something I'm Listening to- I'm really loving Andrew Belle's new album Black Bear .

Some Quick Links: 

This website links you to great online shopping  Polyvore

Featured in the photos is our new favorite iced coffee. We love the Caramel Macchiato one. 



Something Inspiring: I stumbled across this quote "Time is precious, waste it wisely" and wrote it on my chalk board in my kitchen so I can have a daily reminder to be intentional with my time and waste it in the best way possible.

Something Surprising: I made some of my Mom's famous Banana Bread and it actually turned out pretty good and was surprisingly quick and easy to make. I was hesitant to even try because hers is so legendary and although mine wasn't quite as good, my hubby sure loved it.

Something I Did: Dan and I signed up for the Colour Me Rad run in Vancouver. It looks like its going to be a lot of fun!

Something I'm Listening to:  we have been listening to the new John Mayer album since its now out!

currently one of my favourite driving songs, the video is pretty cool too. 



Favorite beauty products worth sharing

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photo (2).jpg

It is not very often that you find beauty products that you love so much you choose to repurchase. I always like to try new products but I won't budge with these five products because they are just that good!

Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1- I have really dry skin and this cleanser does just the trick. It removes makeup, cleanses and tones without drying your skin out Where I Buy it:  Shoppers Drug Mart.

 Marcelle BB Cream- If you don't want to wear a foundation but want to even out your skin tone this is the perfect product for you. A BB cream is a multi tasking product that not only evens out your skin tone, hydrates, and over time improve your skin's appearance. This is definitely the best alternative to wearing a cakey foundation. Where I Buy it: Shoppers Drug Mart.

Paul Mitchell Strength- I spray this on my hair when it`s damp and it has definitely saved my ends from splitting. Where I Buy it: any professional salon.

Batiste Dry Shampoo-  BEST DRY SHAMPOO EVER! This saves my hair when I don`t have time to wash it. Where I Buy it: Shoppers Drug Mart 

Crest 3D White Toothpaste- This really does freshen up your smile. Where I Buy it: Shoppers Drug Mart.



$23 dollars of pure joy

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Yes i said it. This was such a satisfying project. So simple yet adds so much character to my walls. My DIY sidekick (and hubby) was a huge help and hung them for me after i painted the wood white. I am not even going to explain how we did this because it was so so simple. 2 pieces of wood pre-cut, paint we already had, the cheapest white metal brackets and some screws!  

My style and my collection of nick-nacks are forever growing and changing and that is another reason why i love open shelving. It gives you the ability to constantly move things around and change the feel of the room whenever you like!


Enjoy your Tuesday!



long talks and quick links

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something inspiring: I can't get enough of this blog recently and this post in particular. I was so encouraged to continue to share MY story and MY struggle. Its such a good reminder that everyone has a story that can be used to walk alongside others in the midst of their struggles, joy, trials, seasons and that God has uniquely placed us in a spot where our struggle and story is waiting to be heard.

something surprising:  Since the beginning of July i have been participating in a bootcamp every tuesday and thursday morning with the lovely Ashley Mammel of True Tone Fitness. This thursday 5:42 came way to quickly and sleeping in sounded so much better to me at the time but i dragged my butt outta bed and was so thankful that i did! I am NOT a morning person but i am starting to really enjoy my early morning work outs. On days like that i have a new found energy and i never thought i would be able to say that i actually enjoy getting up early to exercise. 

something I did: Last weekend my lovely hubby and I built some floating shelves for a big empty wall in our kitchen. We have been in our place for just over a year and I have kept this wall bare until now. I wanted to wait until i was double triple sure of what i wanted to hang there. I couldn't be happier with the end product, its so fun to change up what i display on my shelves and its total cost for the project was $23!! 

something I'm listening to: I am listening to Citizens and Lex Land like crazy right now!

I have this album on pre-order

have i mentioned that i have a love for all things owls? way out my price range but a girl can dream right!

my next DIY project, inspired from this tutorial  


Something Inspiring: A couple months ago my aunt shared with our ladies small group about her life as a journaler and how it has changed her life. Her passion for journaling totally inspired me to try to get back into it, pick up that pen and start writing. 

Something Surprising:   For the past while I have been journaling like crazy and it has become a place where I can not only write out what's on my heart but it's become a place where I meet God, talk to him, and be challenged by him. The reason this is surprising is I have never been one to stay consistent with things and actually stick to them so have definitely overcome a huge obstacle. I retired my old journal and started a fresh one hoping it would help me to get the inspiration juices flowing and has it ever. My journal is handmade from bison leather by my aunt whose passion is so incredibly inspiring and does unreal work. 

 Something I did:  My boyfriend and I recently camped with his family and we had the best weekend canoeing on the lakes and ocean, hiking, and we even did some thrifting along the way. 

Something I'm Listening to:   I just started listening to the new Civil Wars album: The one that got away, and I'm really liking it so far.

I have been looking for this mug  ever since I saw it on pinterest and I found it at chapters.

Definitely check out my aunt's amazing journal's.


thrifty find

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Remember when I recently blogged about this new thrift store i discovered?

Last week I stopped in here on my way to visit my Momma and stumbled across this beauty. 

I couldn't wait to get this bad boy home, dust it off and find it a new cozy spot in my home.

What have you recently found while thrifting that you would call a 'gem'?


An afternoon With Cherry

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This past week I had the opportunity to visit one of my dear friends Miss Cherry. what can I say about Cherry... She is a true crafter who has mastered so many different projects that are displayed within her cute little home. For the longest time I have always wanted to learn the art of knitting and I knew Cherry was the best person to ask; she has been knitting since she was a little girl and has probably made more blankets, scarves and toques than she can remember. Did I mention she can knit faster than anyone I've ever seen? And she can most likely knit with her eyes closed. When Cherry agreed to teach me I then decided I was going to make a beanie for my honey who loves to wear toques in the fall time. I learned in a couple hours and Cherry was an incredible teacher. I'm inspired by her and I appreciate her company and friendship. Although my beanie is far from finished I'm so excited to have learned, and I can't wait to do more knitting projects with the help of Cherry. 



Cherry, thank you so much for being such an amazing knitting coach!